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1. (金华十校)Our school will celebrate its 100th birthday this July./Our school’s approaching 100th birthday will be celebrated this July. Could you please recommend a student to address at the opening ceremony in English?

2. Hearing/Learning that you are coming to visit China, I would like to recommend several place interest to you.

3. I’m delighted to learn that you are going to visit Beijing, and I would like to offer my recommendation.

4. Delighted to know that you are going to learn English, I consider it a wise choice to visit www.zxxk.com.

5. It affords me much pleasure to recommend John to you.



6. (金华十(shi)校)在学校进行公(gong)开演讲相关的推(tui)荐(jian)条件:The speakers should be equipped with the following qualities.

A. Initially, motivated and devoted to serving others, the speaker is supposed to hold a positive attitude towards life and enjoy a good fame or high popularity among students.

B. Additionally/Aside from it, not only can he have excellent performance in all school subjects, but also is furnished with extraordinary ability of spoken and written English.

C. Plus, I would be even better if the speaker is involved in relevant experience of public speaking.

7. I recommend it mainly for the following two reasons.

8. One reason why I recommend it/sb. is that ...

9. He is an all-round students with excellent grades in all subjects; As a boy with great potential, he is good/skillful at solving difficult problems.

10. Li Ming, a graduate from Peking University, majors in computer software design.



11. (金华十校) I would appreciate it very much if you could do me the favor. Your early/prompt reply is highly expected.

12. If you need further information, don’t hesitate to contact me. Looking forward to your early/prompt reply.

13. Your taking my recommendation into consideration will be highly appreciated/expected.

I do hope that you can find my recommendation beneficial. Looking forward to your early/prompt reply.





能力have a gift/talent for=be gifted/talented in; be good/skillful at=be skilled in; be experienced in, be an expert in, a boy with great ability/potential; give full play to his talent; have a good knowledge/command of; be competent/equal/qualified for; creative, efficient, intelligent...

经(jing)历:graduate from; be a graduate from, major in; gain/win/get the first grade scholarship, an all-around students with excellent grades in all subjects; be given the title of ...

性(xing)格:outgoing; easy to get along with, enthusiastic, enthusiasm is part of his character...







1. 陈丽的个性特点及专长。 

2. 陈丽平时(shi)在(zai)校的表现(xian)(她(ta)的学业表现(xian)和获奖(jiang)情况等)。


Dear Manager,

I am Li Hua, Chen Li’s teacher and I would like to recommend Chen Li to you.

In my eyes, Chen Li is a friendly and outgoing girl. She often takes an active part in various school activities to enrich her life. Besides, as the secretary of the Students’ Union, Chen Li has gained rich experience of dealing with people and different situations. More importantly, in terms of academic performance, she is a straight A student, who is especially skillful at English learning.

With rich social practice experience as well as good competence of English, Chen Li is capable of working as a teaching assistant in your company. Therefore, I strongly recommend her to you as I think she is the right person for this position. Looking forward to your prompt reply.

                                                        Yours sincerely,

                                                           Li Hua





假如你是李(li)华,来自英国的交换生(sheng)George邀请你本周末做一日游向导,但你因有事不能前往。请给他写一封邮件,内容包括:1.说明理由;   2. 景点推荐;  3. 注意事项。



Dear George,

I’m terribly sorry that I’m able to be your guide for the one-day tour this weekend, for I’ve signed up for the voluntary work at local hospital.

I highly recommend the West Lake in Hangzhou as your destination. The picturesque scenery there in this season must be a feast for your eyes. You’ll also be attracted by the historical and cultural sites and the legends behind. Considering there is a long way to go, please wear comfortable sneakers. Don’t forget to apply some sunscreen.

Wish you an enjoyable weekend.


Li Hua


假如你(ni)是李华(hua),你(ni)的(de)英国朋友Jim准备暑假来中国旅游,让你推荐一个城市。请你给他回信,内容包括:1. 推荐城市;  2. 推荐理由;  3. 你的祝愿。



Dear Jim,

I’m delighted to know you’re coming to China for your summer holiday. Personally, I’d like to recommend the city of Chendu to you.

When it comes to Chendu, the first thing that comes to mind is pandas, which are national treasures of China. Besides, there are many tourist attractions in and around the city. For example, Dujiangyan, built over 2,000 years ago, is still playing an important part in irrigation today. Most importantly, Chendu is home to delicious hot food, such as mapo tofu and hotpot.

I hope the nice weather and convenient transportation here can make your trip more enjoyable.


Li Hua


Dear Jim,

I’m glad to know that you’re coming to China for a trip. I’m strongly convinced that Suzhou is your best choice.

The reason why I recommend the city is that Suzhou is not only a city with a lone history but also has many places of interest, where you can enjoy yourself. Next, people here out outgoing, friendly and helpful, which can make your visit comfortable and pleasant. Last but not least, you can experience different cultures and enjoy various delicious snacks in Suzhou.

I do hope that you will have a good time in China.


Li Hua




Dear Jack,

Learning that you’re to spend some time in China and at a loss about which city to work and live in, I’d like to recommend Beijing, the capital and cultural center of China, to you.

The city enjoys a high reputation for its abundance of ancient architecture, which represents the traditional local lifestyles. There are also plenty of museums where precious relics of historical interest are waiting for you to explore. Plus, the classic Peking Opera performances are what you can’t miss.

I wish you a very happy and meaningful time in China.


Li Hua


((Jacky 想到中(zhong)国(guo)的大学学汉语,体验中(zhong)国(guo)文化,推(tui)荐大学)


Dear Jacky,

I’m writing to extend my earnest welcome to you and provide my personal suggestions.

In consideration of your keen interest in Chinese culture, I strongly recommend you to apply for Zhejiang University, where you can immerse yourself in our profound history and splendid culture in its Chinese Literature major. Zhejiang University is located in Hangzhou, which will impress you with its breathtaking scenery and harmonious cultural environment.

Wish you a meaningful and fruitful journey of cultural experience in China.


Li Hua


(Edward 在(zai)学习汉(han)语,推荐一个(ge)适合他学习汉(han)语的网(wang)站)


Dear Edward,

Thrilled to learn that you’re leaning Chinese, I strongly recommend you www.edchinese.com for the following reasons.

Intended for non-Chinese speakers, it enjoys a high popularity for its various courses, like dialogue, Chinese idioms and Tang poems, among which you’ll find a suitable one. Furthermore Chinese movies and songs are also what you can’t miss, which is guaranteed to make you immersed in the charm of language and arouse your desire to explore further. Additionally, if bumps get in the way of your exploration, the online teachers will offer you timely assistance free of charge.

Hope you find it beneficial and I sincerely wish you a pleasant journey of Chinese leaning.


Li Hua


(向(xiang)Mr. Brown推荐同学王明为(wei)英语演(yan)讲比(bi)赛主持(chi)人(ren))


Dear Mr. Brown,

Knowing that you’re searching for a host for the coming English Speech Contest, I strongly recommend Wang Ming as a qualified candidate.

Humorous and outgoing, he never fails to make us feel at ease. Besides, he can speak English fluently and accurately. More importantly, he has the experience of being a host in the New Year party, which left us a great impression, so he knows exactly what makes a good host.

I sincerely hope you can consider my recommendation because he is the right person you are looking for.


Li Hua




Dear Henry,

Glad that you want my recommendation about a tourist attraction around here. Certainly, it is Beauty Xishi's Hometown that you should visit.

 The scenic spot is well worth a visit. The impressive stories about Xi Shi, one of the four beauties in Chinese history, the awesome ancient architecture standing against mountains and the unique folk items and snacks you can find there are just a perfect reflection of local cultures and customs.  

Bus No. 11 at the school gate will take you right there within 15 minutes. Wish you a pleasant trip.

                                                        Yours sincerely,                                                  Li Hua


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