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通知(zhi)可分为口头(tou)通知(zhi)和书面通知(zhi)。口头(tou)通知(zhi)所使用的语言具(ju)有明显的口语特征,通俗(su)易(yi)懂(dong)。在做口头(tou)通知(zhi)时,称呼(hu)可以为ladies and gentlemen(较正式);everyone(非正式)或boys and girls(学生)来表示,要先将听众的注意力吸引过来,而后再做通知。


常使用的过渡句有:May I have your attention, please? 或Attention please. I have an announcement to make. 结束语往往可以用That's all. Thank you (for your attention). 而书面通知主要包括:标题(居中)、首段介绍活动的背景目的;接着介绍活动,包括活动目的,具体内容,时间地点等;结尾常放置希望或祝愿的表达;最后发通知单位或日期(右下角)。



例:请准时到(dao)会(hui)。口头:Be sure not to be late.  书面:Everyone is required to be present on time.


如:All teachers are required to meet in the school meeting room at 4 pm on Friday to celebrate Teachers' Day.

Please be there on time.



1. All teachers and students will be requested to do...

2. Every one of you is expected to be part of the event.

3. An exciting event ... is around the corner.

4. Don’t miss the chance. Please get there on time.

5. Please attend it on time and don't be late.

6. Everyone is welcome to attend/take part in it.





一、你受学(xue)生(sheng)会委托为校宣传栏“英语天地”写一则通知,请大家观看一部英文短片Growing Together,内容包括:




In an effort to acquaint(使熟悉) us students with our school history, a short English movie called Growing Together is scheduled to be shown in the lecture hall of our school this Saturday afternoon. It will begin at 2 p.m. and last around 1 hour. All students are expected to participate and you are bound to be proud of our school after watching it.

Hopefully, you’ll have a good time. And we would appreciate it if you could make any comments on this movie and give valuable suggestions.(93)

Student Union

October 8, 2019



To enrich students' campus life, the Students’ Union is going to invite all the students to enjoy an English movie called Growing Together, which mainly focus on the school development. (活动背景和意义)

The movie is scheduled in the lecture hall of the Art Building from 20:00 p.m to 20:30 p.m. on Sunday evening. (活动(dong)时间地(di)点(dian))This movie will not only arouse the pride of all the students in our school, but also serve as a motivation for everyone to study hard.(活动意义(yi)) 【Those who intend to participate in it are welcome to see it for free. Meanwhile, you are required to be there 10 minutes earlier and while watching the film, please keep quiet and clean.(注意事(shi)项)】               

Hopefully, you would make it to our activity. Any comments and suggestions are welcome. I have the confidence that you will have a great time then.(结束语(yu)) 

The Students' Union





假定你是李华,为迎(ying)接5月31日“世界无烟日”(World No Tobacco Day),你校学生会将举办英语演讲比赛。请你根据以下要求写一则英文通知,内容包括:

①比(bi)赛的时间(jian)和地点;②演(yan)讲的内容(吸烟(yan)的害处,摆(bai)脱烟(yan)瘾的建议...); ③演(yan)讲时长,报名方式及(ji)截止日期。




As the World No Tobacco Day is drawing near, which falls on May 31st every year, an English speech will be held in the reporting hall of our school at three o’clock on April 21st. It is aimed to call on people to stay away from tobacco.

The content should include the harm of smoking, especially the harm to the teenagers. Please offer some practical advice on how to get rid of the smoking. Every contestant should limit his or her speech to 5 minutes. You can send an email to us at info@qq.com. before April 16th.

The Students' Union


(电子(zi)邮件(jian)通知)假定(ding)你拽一个涉外小区(qu),社区(qu)委员会请你帮忙用英(ying)文以(yi)短文的形式写一封电子(zi)邮件(jian),将下周(zhou)末农家采(cai)摘活动(dong)的安排传达给住户(hu)。要点如下:1. 下周(zhou)六上(shang)午(wu)8:00到(dao)11:00;2 内容:采(cai)摘苹果;3. 报名:办公室,下周(zhou)一下5:00前;4. 提(ti)示:戴帽(mao)子(zi)、手(shou)套(tao)。欢迎踊(yong)跃参加。



Ladies and gentlemen,

We are glad to tell you that there will be a picking activity next weekend intended for enriching our community life. Here are some relevant need-to-knows.

First, the activity will begin at 8 a.m. on Saturday morning, and last for three hours. And the main thing we’ll do is to help farmers pick apples on the farmyard. Then it should be stressed that people who are interested in it have to come to the community office to sign up for it before 5 p.m. next Thursday. You should also remember to take your hats and gloves to shelter you from being sunburnt and getting scratched.

You are welcome to take part in it. We believe you’ll have a wonderful time. Good luck.

The community committee




2. 组(zu)织者(zhe)学生会;

3. 时间是 8月15日(星期六) 晚7: 30;

4. 地点是主楼(lou)屋顶(ding)花园;

5. 活动内(nei)容(rong):音乐、跳(tiao)舞、唱(chang)歌、游戏、交换小礼品(请包装好、签名并在包装外(wai)面写上(shang)几(ji)个祝愿词) ;



May I have your attention, please? I have an announcement to make. The Student Union is going to hold a party on Saturday evening, August 15, to welcome our friends from the United States. The party will be held in the roof garden of the Main Building. It will begin at 7: 30 p. m. There will be music, dancing, singing, games and exchange of gifts. Will everybody please bring along a small gift?Remember to wrap it up, sign your name and write a few words of good wishes.

Don’t forget: 7: 30, Saturday evening, roof garden, Main Building. There’s sure to be a lot of fun. Everybody is welcome.


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